Friday, December 17, 2010


So, Lycanthrophy LP's are finally here. The record is available in black and violet vinyl. The coloured vinyl is limited and will only be available through mailorder.
You can hear some of the songs on Lycanthrophy's myspace.

Monday, November 8, 2010

New releases

Lycanthrophy Lp is out! I will have to wait to get my copies, but hope that it will get here by the end of the year. If you know a band that is touring Czech and is coming to Croatia or Slovenia, let me know so that I could get a hold of those records.

Next release will be Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus split LP. Brivido will have 9 songs from the same session as the split 7" with Senata Fox (with recorded bass), and HHL will put their songs from "Without us they don't exist" album. A nice combination of hardcore punk and crust grind metal. It will again be a co-release, this time between Fucking Kill, Pest & Cholera, DHP/AK47, Sumoggu, Antenora and Gusto Rana. If all goes well, it should be out by the end of the year.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Senata Fox vikend

Ovaj vikend Senata Fox svira u Beogradu i Skopju.
05.11. Beograd (Srbija), Grad (Senata Fox, Unison)
06.11. Skopje (Makedonija), La Kanja (Senata Fox, Screaming Brain)

Friday, October 1, 2010

October update

Nulla Osta / Aggrenation - Split LP (no: double bass hardcore punk, a: metallic d-beat crust, orange vinyl + cd)
Trigger / Run Time Error - Split LP (noisy fastcore power violence grind...)
Hellborn Messiah / Post War Depression - Split LP (hm: punk crust metal grind, pwd: crust punk grind)
A Fucking Tribute to Slap-a-Ham - Comp. LP (18 bands from Germany with 48 songs: Wojczech, Yacopsae, Cyness, Bizarre X... on white/red splatter vinyl)

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Late september update

Children of Technology - It's time to face the doomsday LP (metal punk from Italy)
Doom - Lost the fight / Pro-life control sessions LP (restock)
Forca Macabra - Aqui e o inferno LP (last album from 2008, Brazilian thrashcore from Finland)
Giuda - Senza paura, senza domani LP (crust metal punk from Italy, 3rd album)
Hellbastard - Ripper crust LP (first demo from 1986 on lp, second press)
Looking for an Answer - Biocidio LP (tracks from split cd w/ Kontraattaque + bonus track)
Phobia / Extinction of Mankind - Split LP (grind / crust veterans)
Slaughter - Nocturnal Karnage LP (Nocturnal hell ep 1986 and Bloody karnage demo 1984 on one LP, classic death/thrash)

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lycanthrophy news

From their myspace page:

finally....after 12 years of existence...debut full length album will be out on early october 2010!Recorded, mixed and mastered in Shaark studio, 20 tracks, art done by Jeff from Wasteiod. For fans of short, fast and loud style.

EU version of LP = first press of 666 copies, 500 black and 166 limited in color. Released in DIY conspiracy = INSANE SOCIETY (CZE), SUMOGGU (CRO), AMERTUME (FRA), I FEEL GOOD (FRA), CIRCUS OF THE MACABRE (UK), NOISE ATTACK (GRE), ZARAZA (POL) and GRIND BLOCK RECS. (ITALY).

Two tracks from the album have been posted.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July update

Blood I Bleed – High octane thrash LP (dutch fast thrash hardcore)
Consume – S/T LP (discography, crustcore ex-disrupt,state of fear..., usa)
Downfall Of Gaia – Epos LP (neo crust from germany)
Excruciating Terror – Expression of pain LP (first time on vinyl, old school grindcore, gatefold + poster, usa)
Gadget / Phobia – Split LP (grind core from sweden and usa, gatefold)
General Surgery – Left hand pathology LP (first album, swedish gore grind, gatefold)
Gride – Horizont udalosti LP (czech grind, yellow vinyl)
Hatred Surge – Deconstruct LP (grind/power violence, usa)
In Disgust / P.L.F. – Split LP (i.d.:grinding violence,plf:grind/thrash, usa)
Lahar / Stolen Lives – Split LP (2x czech fastcore thrash, both play infest covers)
Looking For An Answer – Extincion LP (spanish old school grindcore, gatefold)
Lycanthrophy / Malignant Tumour – Split EP (reissue L:fastcore grind, mt: rocking metal, czech)
Machetazo – Mundo cripta LP (last album, spanish gore grind/death metal, gatefold)
Splitter – Avskrackande exemplar LP (swedish grindcore, red vinyl)
Wormrot – Abuse LP (grindcore from Singapore, restock)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Short Fast & Loud review

"Nice! A cool little split 7" from two Croatian hardcore bands released on a Croatian label. I have to admit, as an ignorant American (sorry, I was hanging out with C), I don't know a whole lot about Croatia or the scene there, but if this record gives any inkling, I'd like to know more. Senata Fox cranks out some gnarly fast-core thrash, with only one song breaking the one-minute mark. It sort of reminds me of some later Hellnation stuff. Brivido also churn out some thrashy hardcore. This time the lyrics were in Croatian, but they provided some nice descriptions. Lyrics from both bands range from political to personal. Good stuff on here guys. Check them out." SF+L #23

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lycanthrophy's European tour

Lycanthrophy's heading on a 10 day European tour so make sure you see them. They will go with Průmyslová Smrt. First day of the tour will be in Rijeka. Couple of days after the tour they'll play at Obscene Extreme Fest and the new LP should be out by then.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

SMOG2 out soon!

We're happy to announce that the second release on Sumoggu Records will be Lycanthrophy LP. Lycanthrophy is a fastcore/grind band from Czech Republic and after almost 12 years of playing and a lot of split ep’s, lp’s, this is their first full length album. The LP is a co-release with Insane Society Records, I Feel Good Records, Amertume Records and Circus of the Macabre Records.
The record will contain 20 short and fast songs and the album itself should be out on Obscene Extreme Festival.
Please check them here.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Vikend s Brividom!

Ovu subotu i nedjelju Brivido će održati koncerte u Rijeci i Ljubljani. Dakle,
8.5. Rijeka, Podrum (+ Final Approach)
9.5. Ljubljana, Gromka (+ Diskelma)
Vidimo se!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vile Noise review

Nova recenzija na webzine-u Vile Noise.
So, here's another review in English. It got 8/10 skulls!

This 7 inch is first (out of many more to come, I hope) release from Summogu Records, a small DIY record label from Croatia. What we have here is split release from two Croatians prime thrash hardcore punk bands: Senata Fox and Brivido.

Senata Fox are veterans on the scene with their 10 year long carrier and handful of releases. This is their latest release with some songs recorded in 2006. that never got published until now. Their fast and nervous punk is their trademark and a constant, with lyrics that question this whole society and also give their vision of what future should be like. Five tracks, seven minutes of explosive riffs and pissed off screaming. I personally like this raw production, but I feel like screaming vocals are little to quiet and low growls are too loud (and maybe I’m just deaf).

On the other hand Brivido is somewhat new band featuring members of disbanded powerviolence band Panaceja that enjoys cult status among the punks from ex-Yugoslavia countries. Unlike Panaceja, Brivido is playing “more ordinary” hardcore punk with some thrash influences. Lyrics are in Croatian about everyday life, struggle to survive in this unkindly world and friendship (or false friendship to be more precise). Although Brivido don’t have bass player and although there is no bass recorded, modern production and groovy songs make it unneeded. Blasphemy or not (in the eyes of the local punks), I prefer Brivido over Panaceja.

If you’re looking for some great punk, you cannot miss with this 7 inch.


Sunday, April 18, 2010

Travanj drugi dio

Hellshock - They wait for you still LP (metal crust, 3rd album)
Doom - Lost the fight / Pro-life control LP (from split ep w/ Hiatus and split lp w/ Selfish)
Vitamin X - Full scale assualt LP (80's hardcore punk)
La Piovra - one sided picture LP (hardcore punkrock)
Unison - Resignation speaks: I will be a corpse LP (great hardcore from Serbia)
The Farewell Reason / Outre - Split LP (fr: screamo, emo hardcore; o: fast hcpunk)
Haemophagus / Spiral - Split ep (H:death metal gore grind from italy, s: grindcore from japan)
Suckinim Baenaim / Achzavoth - Split ep (strange hc from israel)
Senata Fox / Unison - Split ep (hardcore punk)

Saturday, April 10, 2010

10 godina Senate Fox

Senata Fox slavi deseti rođendan i sviraju svi bendovi s kojima dijele split izdanja. Dakle, 17.4. Močvara, Zagreb. Sviraju:

Senata Fox (hardcore punk)
Unison (hardcore)
AK-47 (anarcho hardcore punk)
Brivido (hardcore punk)

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Analena - Inconstantinopolis LP (post hardcore screamo...)
Bernays Propaganda - Happiness machines LP (post punk)
Chang Ffos - Trust this arcane device LP (noise/metal/rock)
Don't Mess With Texas - Los dias de junio LP (instrumental post rock)
Lets Grow / Jaibo! - Split LP (hardcore punk rock)
V/A - Making children's songs a threat again LP (Gride, Disarm, Jinn, Betercore, Migra Violenta, Zanussi, Zegota...)
Protestant - Antagonist ep (dark hardcore crust)
The Good Wife - S/T ep (noise rock)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Attack fanzine review

Recenzija na
New review from Attack fanzine:

"Two bands of which I really don’t know anything, except the fact that they both come from Croatia and that they both recorded these tracks a few years ago.

Senata Fox open with a drumbeat, followed by a catchy riff, and soon the rest of the band enter with full force and we’re off for a loud and violent trip. For good and bad there’s honestly not a whole lot more that can be added to describing this – as simple as it may sound, this is good fast hardcore with a raw touch and quite the manic vocal efforts.

Brivido aren’t holding back either, and they lay it on us in a rapid fury. It’s hard, fast, and loud and they mix heavy riffs and quick leads with frantic blasts. Perhaps not as diverse as it may seem, but still enough to make it interesting, and they’ve got a good production which gives room for all elements. I guess their sound could be described as quite dark, but then there are the guitars that are considerably sharper in sound, balancing it off.

I still don’t know much about the bands, but I’m glad this 7” landed here at the HQ." - Krogh

Or check the review here.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Novo za ožujak!

Dažd - S/T LP (in the lines of amebix, pentagram, gism, hellhammer)
Moss - Eternal return LP (doom, one song, one sided lp)
Jesus Crost - Fehlentscheidung LP (fastcore/grind, yellow or black vinyl)
Straight Edge Keggar - Hurt LP (fastcore)
V/A - Freak power LP + booklet(Burmese, Apt.213, Senata Fox, Hatred Surge, Iron Lung, Potop etc.)
Krupskaya - Symbiosis through decay ep (chaotic grindcore)
Bangsat / Dehumanized Earth - split ep (death/grind, crust)
Social Chaos - The end ep (crust/grind)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

MRR review

Izašla je ok recenzija u Maximum Rocknrollu:
Review from Maximum Rocknroll:

"I guess this is BRIVIDO's first release. You'd never know it, as hese are some well written songs and they make most out of their two-guitar/dual-vocal setup. The sound is hard to pin down as they bounce from melodic hardcore to very heavy, nearly crust parts with a touch of blast-beating. Nice political lyrics in Croatian, with explanations in English as well. Apparently I have been missing out on SENATA FOX as they have several releases and this is the first I've heard from them. My first impression is that the main vocalist has a real Martin (LOS CRUDOS, LIMP WRIST, etc.) thing going on. The music is speedy hardcore that also occasionally recalls LOS CRUDOS. This is a solid split, and well worth picking up. Don't ignore it because of the bizarre artwork - the tunes are more than worth it." - MRR #321

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Distro update

Dažd / Nakot - split ep (punk/metal, crust)
Grombiera & Paprika - 4way split lp (Nulla Osta, Corrosive, Nakot, Murder Disco X)
Zodiac - S/T 10" (german metal/hardcore/punk, 12page booklet)
After the Last Sky / S.A.T.A.N. - split ep (atls:black metal/grind/doom, s: chaotic thrashcore)
Tinner / Slapendehonden - split ep (t:d-beat, s:grindcore)
Stockholms Blodbad / Vultures - split ep (sb:grindcore, v:thrash hardcore)