Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July update

Blood I Bleed – High octane thrash LP (dutch fast thrash hardcore)
Consume – S/T LP (discography, crustcore ex-disrupt,state of fear..., usa)
Downfall Of Gaia – Epos LP (neo crust from germany)
Excruciating Terror – Expression of pain LP (first time on vinyl, old school grindcore, gatefold + poster, usa)
Gadget / Phobia – Split LP (grind core from sweden and usa, gatefold)
General Surgery – Left hand pathology LP (first album, swedish gore grind, gatefold)
Gride – Horizont udalosti LP (czech grind, yellow vinyl)
Hatred Surge – Deconstruct LP (grind/power violence, usa)
In Disgust / P.L.F. – Split LP (i.d.:grinding violence,plf:grind/thrash, usa)
Lahar / Stolen Lives – Split LP (2x czech fastcore thrash, both play infest covers)
Looking For An Answer – Extincion LP (spanish old school grindcore, gatefold)
Lycanthrophy / Malignant Tumour – Split EP (reissue L:fastcore grind, mt: rocking metal, czech)
Machetazo – Mundo cripta LP (last album, spanish gore grind/death metal, gatefold)
Splitter – Avskrackande exemplar LP (swedish grindcore, red vinyl)
Wormrot – Abuse LP (grindcore from Singapore, restock)

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