Monday, October 15, 2012

October update

Blank - Calix LP (dark crust hardcore, white vinyl, limited to 300 copies)
Culto de Cargo - S/T ep (d-beat hardcore from Italy)
Gelo / Baka Yaro - Split LP (crust/hc from Italy and Slovenia)
Noothgrush - S/T LP (first demo, restock)
Noothgrush / Suppression - Split 5"
The Truth / Helltard - Split 10"  (hardcore/fastcore from Serbia)
V.A. - Amebix Balkans LP (bands from Croatia, Serbia, Greece playing Amebix covers)
XAXAXA - Siromasni i bogati LP (post punk from Macedonia, new album)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Back from the tour!

Yesterday we got back from the tour. It was really great. Met a lot of people, made a lot of new friends. Just want to thank everyone involved in doing shows for us, gave us food and a place to sleep. A big hello to all the guys in Gelo. Hope to see you soon. Here's a video from Gelo in Villingen:
Gelo at Corrosive Schopf

And some photos from Hella:

Homo Homini Lupus

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thursday, September 6, 2012

September update

Just got back from Kill-Town Death Fest! Be sure not to miss it next year. Here are some new records:

Bombs of Hades - Chambers of abomination LP (Swedish death Metal)
Corrupt - Slavestate serenades LP (Swedish thrash metal, ltd. to 300)
God Macabre - The winterlong LP (classic Swedish death metal from the early 90s, including their previous band's ep)

The complete tour for Homo Homini Lupus / Gelo will be posted soon!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Homo Homini Lupus / Gelo European tour

Here are the tour dates for the upcoming tour in September. Let us know if you can help with unconfirmed dates.

14.9. Friday - Milano (I), tba
15.9. Saturday - Biel (CH) @ Schrottbar
16.9. Sunday - Stuttgart (D), NEED HELP
17.9. Monday - Giessen (D) @ AK 44
18.9. Tuesday - Bremen (D), NEED HELP
19.9. Wednesday - Rostock, Lubeck, Malmo.. NEED HELP
20.9. Thursday - Göteburg (SWE), tba
21.9. Friday - Oslo (N), NEED HELP
22.9. Saturday - Jönköping (SWE) @ Kulturhuset
23.9. Sunday - Karlskrona/Vaxjo (SWE), NEED HELP
24.9. Monday - Copenhagen (DK) @ Underwerket
25.9. Tuesday - Aalborg (DK) @ 1000FRYD
26.9. Wednesday - Hamburg (D) @ Lobusch
27.9. Thursday - Berlin (D), NEED HELP
28.9. Friday - Hořovice (CZ) @ Hella
29.9. Saturday - Graz (A) @ Sub

The tour will be updated as soon as there are some news.

Friday, July 27, 2012

20th Monte Paradiso Fest

Next weekend is the 20th Monte Paradiso Festival and Sumoggu Records will be there. If you want some records send an e-mail and you can take it there without paying postage. See you soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

July update part 2

Blood I Bleed - Gods out of monsters LP (Holland fastcore)
Blood I Bleed / Massgrav - Split LP (fast hardcore from Holland and Sweden)
Drugs of Faith - S/T LP (us grind/hardcore)
Hooded Menace - Never cross the dead 2LP (death doom from Finland)
Krush - S/T LP (Holland crust/grind)
S.A.F. - Dead area paranoia LP (thrash/hardcore/punk from Holland)
Machetazo - Trono de huesos LP (Spanish grindcore legends, 10th year anniversary re-issue)
Simbiose -  Economical terrorism LP (Portuguese crust/metal/punk)
Voetsek - Infernal command LP (thrash/hardcore from USA)

Occvlta / Salute - Split ep (o: doom/black from Germany, s: hellhammer from England)
Usurpress - Tales of possessors ep (death metal/crust from Sweden; first demo on vinyl)

Thursday, July 5, 2012

July update part 1

Doom - Doomed again 2LP (restock)
Misery - From where the sun never shines 2LP (new album)
Usurpress - Trenches of the netherworld LP (d-beat death metal)

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Homo Homini Lupus website

Homo Homini Lupus has a new official page. It has all the information you need. Check it here:

Homo Homini Lupus

Thursday, June 7, 2012


Check out this blog! It has a lot of ex-YU hardcore punk mp3's (among others), and also Brivido/HHL LP.


Friday, June 1, 2012


Sumoggu Records has a bandcamp page. So go and check it out. There are two releases there; Senata Fox / Brivido - split ep and Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus - Split LP. If you like it, go and buy the vinyl.

Sumoggu Records Bandcamp

Sunday, May 27, 2012

May update

Exanthema / Chronic Decay - Split LP (old school Swedish death metal, originally released only on cd in 1993, this is the second pressing on vinyl)
Miasmal - S/T LP (Swedish death metal, reissue on Agipunk)
Morbus Chron - Sleepers in the rift LP (death metal from Sweden with an Autopsy twist)
Unholy Grave - Grind killers LP (Japanese grind legends)

Friday, May 4, 2012

Homo Homini Lupus - Cani da caccia

Song from their split LP with Aggrenation out now on Sumoggu Records. Still available Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus - Split LP.

Cani da caccia

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Homo Homini Lupus - Live in Rijeka

Another video, this time of Homo Homini Lupus. Enjoy!

Homo Homini Lupus

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Brivido live in Krško

Here's a new upload of Brivido playing in Krško in February 2012. You can hear some new songs, still not recorded.


Saturday, April 7, 2012

April update

Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation - Split LP's are here and also some other records.

Bludwulf / Tiger Junkies / Children of Technology – Break the chains 3way split LP (3x metal punk from usa, usa/japan and italy, picture lp)
Doom – Doomed again 2LP (27 songs from various eps, splits and compilations)

Dystopia – S/T LP (final Dystopia recording)

Hellbastard – Ripper crust LP (restock, demo from 1986)

Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation – Split LP (metallic hc/grind from Croatia; metallic d-beat from Sweden)

Nulla Osta / Aggrenation – Split LP (restock)

Prophecy of Doom – Total mind war LP (unreleased Peel sessions from 1991 and Ego-deathgrind demo from 1996, gatefold)

Ripcord – Discography part III: From demo slaves to audiowaves LP (Peel sessions from 1988, demos from 1986, last part of the ripcord reissues)

Saw Throat – Indestroy LP (originally released in 1989, sore throat going slow)

Slump / Life Ends – Split LP (grinding fastcore from Germany)

Undead Creep – The ever burning torch LP (old school Swedish death metal from Italy, gatefold)

Sunday, April 1, 2012

HHL/Aggrenation - Split LP is out!

Even though it's April the 1st, this is not a joke, the record is finally out. Well, it's been out for a couple of days already, and here's the proof:

The records will be at Sumoggu HQ really soon, so be prepared because the amount of records will be limited. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

News, distro update

There will be a small delay with HHL/Aggrenation LP. Anyway, the test pressings are approved, and the record is in the pressing plant. Should be out soon. In the meanwhile you can spend some money on these 2 records:

Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes - Split LP (hm: death/doom metal, hl: sludge/doom, both from Finland, 2nd pressing)
Barbarian - S/T LP (perfect mix between Hellhammer, early Celtic Frost and early Bathory)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Some news

Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrnation - Split LP is in the presing plant. The release date is 02.03. There will be a limited press also. Check the blog for more news.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

7" records

All records are 4 euros, unless otherwise stated.

A Bit of Brain Dead - S/T ep (Thrashbastard)
After the Last Sky / S.A.T.A.N. - Split ep (Rawby)
Agathocles - The Peel sessions 2xep (Jennifer Grind)  8€
Age of Woe - S/T ep (Addiction to War)
Bangsat / Dehumanized Earth - S/T ep (Rotten To The Core)
Black Hole of calcutta / Wojczech - Split ep (Fucking Kill)
Black Gust - Psychedelic maelstrom ep
Boiling Point - Thrash the railroads flexi ep (Totalitarianism Still Continues)
Breed - S/T ep (T.V.G.)
Buckshot Facelift - Demo ep (What The Fuck Happened to Tapes?)
Catholic Guilt - Futile attempts ep (Doomtown)
Contrasto / LeTormenta - La poesia e azione split ep (Iconoclast)
Control de Estado - S/T ep (IFB)
Corrosive / Bohrholm - Split ep (Fucking Kill)
Crippled Fox / Step On It - Tribute to Tony Soprano ep (Flipped Up)
Culto del Cargo - S/T ep (Self released)
Culto del Cargo - Nel nome dell'uomo la tecnica macina carne ep (Self released)
Divided Minds - Strangers ep (Doomtown)
Epileptic Terror Attack - The racket ep (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) 8€
F.U.G. - Sumus animalia ep (Ignorant Worm)
Get Destroyed - Burnt offerings ep (To Live A Lie)
Good Wife, The - S/T ep (SuperFi)
Haemophagus / Spiral - Split ep (Ignorant Worm)
Head Hits Concrete - S/T ep (Sounds Of Betrayal)
High Spirits - High Spirits/Wings of fire ep (High Roller) 7€
Holy Extermination / Burn The Cross - Split ep (Dementia 13)
Idiots Parade - R.I.P. 5"ep  (Totalitarianism Still Continues)
Injakmati / Black Sister - Split ep (Subwix)
Irritones, The / Rough Kids - Split ep (Crapoulet)
Jigsore Puzzle/Exit Wounds - Split ep (T.V.G.)
Knife in the Leg - No place for boys ep (Trujaca Fala)
Krupskaya - Symbiosis through decay ep (Ignore This Records)
Kursk / Damage Digital - Split ep (Fuck Yoga)
Last Warning / Fallout - Split ep (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Left In Ruins - Fertilizing the ground ep (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Link / Raised By Drunks - Split ep (Subwix)
Livia Sura / Hazarder - Seasons in glvvm seasons of dvvm ep (Neanderthal-Stench)
Love Channel - S/T ep (Fucking Kill)
Machetazo - Desolacion mental ep (Doomentia) 6€
Man In The Shadow - Pax americana ep (Choose Life) 3€
Minus Apes - S/T ep (Thrashbastard)
Negativ - Automatic thoughts ep (Doomtown) 5€
NK6 - Yellow beauty ep (Thrashbastard)
Noothgrush / Suppression - Split 5" (Fuck Yoga) 6€
Nulla Osta / Zaprti Oddelek - Split ep (Neanderthal-Stench)
Occvlta / Salute - Split ep  (Doomentia) 6€
Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Laserguys - Split ep (white vinyl ltd. to 150) (Grindblock) 5€
Protestant - Antagonist ep (Blindead Productions)
Ratsar Bai Naim - S/T ep (Emergence)
Real Ugly - Live suffer and struggle ep (Agromosh)
Rhythm Syndrom - Fatal error ep (Shogun)
Sabbat - The Mion's hill ep (The evil that M do)  7€
Say Why? / Bastardass - Split ep (Psychocontrol)
Seasick - Ennui ep (Refuse)
Seasick - Ennui tour ep (Refuse) 5€
SS20 / Fan Zui Xiang Fa - Split ep
Senata Fox / Brivido – Split ep (Sumoggu)
Senata Fox / Unison – Split ep (Good Samaritan)
Silent Era - S/T ep (Doomtown) 5€
Sonic Order - S/T ep (Doomtown) 5€
Sonic Poison - Combat grind ep (Me Saco Un Ojo) 7
Stockholms Blodbad / Vultures - Split ep (Up Yours)
Suckinim Baenaim / Achzavoth - Split ep (Urban Decay)
Terror Defence - Break the barricades ep (Blackout Brigade)
Tomorrow's Hell - S/T ep (Hardcore Attack)
Unlogistic / D.F.I. - Split ep (Crapoulet)
Usurpress - Tales of possessors ep (Doomentia) 6€
Vaccine - Dead inside ep (Painkiller)  5€
V.A. - Brutal Supremacy 2xep (Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, Hatred Surge, Scapegoat) (Painkiller) 10
V.A. - The Rot Box (Bizzare X, Corrosive, Yacopsae, To The Point, Crowskin, Schmand) (Fucking Kill) 15
Warhammer / Blackwhole - Split ep (High Roller) 10€
Yacopsae / Corrosive - Verfault Durchschauung split 6" ep (Fucking Kill) 7€

Friday, January 27, 2012

10" records

All records are 8 euros, unless otherwise stated.

Corrosive / Life Ends - Split 10" (Fucking Kill)
Dead Shall Rise / Conflict Maestria - Split 10" (Blackout Brigade)
Fatal Nunchaku - Paving stone under the beach 10" (Wee Wee)
H System – Hostile 10" (Blackout Brigade)
Haemorrhage / Gruesome Stuff Relish - Split 10" 11€
Ljubiša Samardžic / Chihas Beno - Split 10" (Fucking Kill)
Lycanthrophy / Blood I Bleed - Split 10" 10€
Machetazo – Necrocovered 10" (Parasitic) 10€
The Truth / Helltard - Split 10"(Fucking Kill)
Zodiac - Rasierter affe 10" (7 Degrees)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

12" records

All records are 10 euros, unless otherwise stated.

Acephalix - Deathless master LP (Agipunk) 12€
Agathocles - The LP's: 1989-1991 LP (Power It Up)
Agathocles - Mincer LP (Power It Up)  11€
Analena - Inconstantinopolis LP (Moonlee)
Anihilated - Path to destruction 12" EP (Agipunk)
AntiOtpad - Totalno sam ljut na ovaj svijet! LP (Monte Paradiso)  12€
Antichrist - Sinful birth (I Hate) 15
Barbarian - S/T LP (Doomentia) 14€
Barbarian - Faith extinguisher LP (Doomentia)  14€
Bastard Noise / Bloodred Bacteria - From zero to hero and blackeards onesided LP (streaks)  12€
Bastard Noise / CSMD - Man's epitaph/Noise bomb the cosmos LP 12€
Bastinados / Bosonogo Djetinjstvo - Split LP (Neanderthal-Stench)  9€
Battle Attacker - Silly notice LP (F.O.A.D.)  15
Bernays Propaganda - Happiness machines LP (Moonlee)
Black Code - Hanged, drowned & quartered LP (Svoboda)
Blank - Calix LP (white vinyl) (Fucking Kill)
Blood I Bleed - High octane thrash LP (TVG)
Blood I Bleed - Gods out of monsters LP (Fast & Furious)
Bolesno Grinje - 13 LP (Sumoggu)
Bolesno Grinje - Chronicles from the tomb LP (Sumoggu)
Bolesno Grinje - Chronicles from the tomb LP (red vinyl) (Sumoggu)
Bolesno Grinje - Grd LP (white vinyl) (Sumoggu)
Bombs of Hades - Chambers of abomination LP (Blood Harvest) 14€
Boredom / Rivers Run Dry - Split LP (Panda Banda)
Brat Pack - Stupidity returns LP (Doomtown)
Brink of Despair - Rooted in dust LP (SM-Musik) 
Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus – Split LP (Sumoggu) 9€
Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus - Split LP (red/black splatter vinyl) (Sumoggu)
Brivido / Public Disgrace - Split LP (Sumoggu)
Brottskod 11 - Demokratisk kontroll LP (Phobia)
Bunker 66 - Inferno interceptors LP (High Roller)  14
Burmese / Potop - Split LP (Fuck Yoga)
Catholic Guilt / Inu - Degraded cobardes Split LP (Panda Banda)  9€
Catholic Spit - A pact with the devil LP (purple) (Crapoulet)
Chang Ffos - Trust this arcane device LP (Interstellar) 6€
Chronic Decay - Justify your existence LP (red vinyl) (Me Saco Un Ojo)  15
Civil Terror - Surrounded by assholes LP (Demonomania) 9€
Cluster Bomb Unit - Die Stationen von Cluster Bomb Unit LP (Power It Up) 11€
Creeping Corrupt / Hellisheaven - Split LP (Zaraza)
Crippled Fox - More fun!! More thrash!! LP (Crapoulet)
Dead - Hardnaked but... Dead! LP (Apathic View) 12€
Drugs of Faith - S/T LP (Fast & Furious)
Eiltank - Stiller beobachter one sided LP (Fucking Kill)
Electrozombies - He visto LP (Neanderthal Stench)
Exanthema / Chronic Decay - Split LP (Me Saco Un Ojo)  15
Extinction Of Mankind - Storm of resentment LP (Agipunk) 13€
Extreme Noise Terror - S/T LP (Agipunk) 13€
Exumer - Fire before possession LP (High Roller) 15
Fear Of God - S/T 12"EP (clear vinyl) (F.O.A.D. Records) 15
The Fight -Maldicion LP (white vinyl) (NNNW)
G.A.T.E.S. - Back from the grave LP (HMSS) 15
Genital Jiggling - Golden rule LP (Emergence)
Geranium - S/T LP (Deviance)
Geranium - S/T LP (gatefold) (Deviance)
Ghoul - Dungeon bastards LP (Tankcrimes) 16€
Giuda - Senza paura, senza domani LP (Agipunk)
Gorephilia - Severed monolith LP (Me Saco Un Ojo) 15
Government Flu - Singles collection LP (NNNW)
Government Flu - Are you sorry now? (clear vinyl) (NNNW)
Grief - Depression 12" (Fuck Yoga) 13€
Grief - Dismal 12" (Fuck Yoga) 13€
Hashcut - Please do it yourself LP (Emergence)
Hazarder - Against his-story, against Leviathan! (PMK)
Hellborn Messiah / Post War depression - Split LP (Fucking Kill)
Hellisheaven - Abyss of war LP (Addiction to War)
Hellshock - Only the dead now the end of war picture LP (Agipunk) 12€
High Spirits - You are here LP (High Roller) 16
High Spirits - Another night LP (silver) (High Roller) 16
Hirax - Born in the streets 1983/1984 LP (F.O.A.D. Records) 15
Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation - Split LP (Sumoggu) 9€
Homo Homini Lupus / Gelo - Split LP (Sumoggu)
Hooded Menace - Labirynth of carrion breeze 12"EP (Doomentia) 13
Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes - Split LP (2nd press) (Doomentia)
Instinct Of Survival - Call of the blue distance LP (Agipunk) 13€
Iron Lamb - The original sin LP (white/black splatter) (High Roller) 12€
Jesus Crost - Fehlentscheidung LP (yellow) (Filth-Ear)
Jigsore Puzzle / Hotel Fire - Split LP (TVG)
Keitzer - As the world burns LP (7 Degrees)
Keitzer - The last defense LP (7 Degrees)
Kroia / Inu - Split LP (Subwix)
La Casa Fantom - Feed my silence 12" (SM-Musik)
La Piovra - One sided picture LP (Agipunk) 9€
Lahar / Stolen Lives - Split LP (Insane Society)
Lets Grow / Jaibo! - Split LP (Doomtown)
Life Possession / Gomora - Split LP (Aback) 9€
Livet Som Insats - S/T LP (Addiction to War)
Looking For An Answer - Eterno Treblinka LP (Power It Up) 11€
Looking For An Answer - Dios carne LP (F.O.A.D. Records) 15
Los Caidos - First two years LP (Crapoulet)
Lout Society Kurse - Waiting for the apocalypse LP (Blackout Brigade)
Machetazo - Trono de huesos LP (Doomentia) 12€
Megatomb - Louder than a thousand deaths LP (Me Saco Un Ojo) 15
Merciless Death - Holocaust LP (High Roller)  16€
Miasmal - S/T LP (Agipunk)
Mortuous - Through wilderness LP (Dawnbreed) 20€
Moss - Endless return LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Moss - Sinister history: Volume one chapter one LP (Fuck Yoga) 13€
Necrot - The labyrinth LP (Tankcrimes) 16€
Nesseria - S/T LP (Guranje s Litice)
Nightmare - Scatterraw LP (Putrid Filth)
Noothgrush - S/T LP (Fuck Yoga) 13€
Nulla Osta - Bastard music for bastard people LP (clear vinyl) (Neanderthal-Stench) 9€
Nulla Osta / Aggrenation - Split LP (Fucking Kill)  9€
Od Vratot Nadolu - Živa LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Parasytic - Poison minds LP (Agipunk)
Passiv Dodshjalp / Achilles - Split LP (Svoboda)
Petrification - Hollow of the void LP (Dawnbreed) 20€
Phrenelith - Desolate endscape LP (Me Saco Un Ojo) 15€
Ponor - Prah i pepeo LP (My Favourite Records)
Prophecy of Doom - Total mind war LP (Agipunk)
Radiolokator / Black Market Fetus - Split LP (Dead Bros)
Renegades Of Punk, The - Coração Metrônomo LP (Crapoulet)
Ripper - Raising the corpse LP (Iron Pegasus) 16
S.A.F. - Dead area paranoia LP (Fast & Furious)
Sabbat - Envenom LP (Iron Pegasus) 16€ 
Sabbat - Satanasword LP (Iron Pegasus) 16
Sadistic Intent / Pentacle - Invocations of the death-ridden Split LP (Iron Pegasus) 16
Senata Fox / AK47 - Split LP (DHP)
Sete Star Sept - Revisions of noise LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Simbiose -  Economical terrorism LP (Aback)
Slaughter - Nocturnal karnage LP (Agipunk)
Slump / Life Ends - Split LP (Fucking Kill)
Squash Bowels - Grindcoholism LP (Apathic View) 12€
Straight Edge Keggar - Hurt LP (Rotten to the Core)
Tjänstevapen - Dömd LP (Rødel)
Toxic Revolution / Magnicide - Split LP (TVG)
Trigger / Run Time Error - Split LP (Fucking Kill)
Tummo - S/T LP (Dead Bros)
Tuna - Dupla face LP (Crapoulet)
Udead Creep - The ever burning torch LP (Iconoclast)
Undergang - Til doden os skiller LP (Me Saco Un Ojo)  15€
Unfixed - Battleside LP (one sided) (NNNW)
Unholy Grave - Blast mayhem LP (Grindblock)
Unholy Grave - Grind killers LP (Agipunk) 11€
Unison - Resignation speaks: I will be a corpse LP (Good Samaritan) 8€
Usurpress - Trenches of the netherworld LP(Iconoclast)
Various Artists - Freak power LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Various Artists - Making children songs a threat again LP (Guerilla Shooting)
Various Artists - Amebix Balkans LP (PMK)
Various Artists - Vestibule of hell LP (Wolfsbane) 12€
Vidargangr - S/T LP (Black Nail)
Visions Of War - King of swines LP (Deviance)
Vitamin X - About to crack LP (Agipunk)
Vivisick - Respect and hate LP (brown vinyl) (Insane Society)
Voetsek - Infernal command LP (Fast & Furious)
Vulgarity Kids - S/T one sided LP (F.O.A.D. Records) 15
Wake - False LP (7 Degrees)
War Coma / Jesus Bruiser - Split LP (Subwix)
Warcollapse - Crap, scrap and unforgivable slaughter LP (Blindead)
Wedge, The - Always hate you LP (Crapoulet)
Wretched - Libero e salvaggio LP (Agipunk) 14€
XAXAXA - Tango revolucioner LP (Moonlee)
XAXAXA - Siromasni i bogati LP (Moonlee)
Years of Decay / Sand Creek Massacre - Split LP (Blackout Brigade)