Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Distro news

Anaeroba – LP (crust from slovenia)
Bhopal – Age of darkness LP (metallic crust from italy)
Boredom / Rivers Run Dry – Split LP (b: rocking crust from austria, neo crust from hungary)
Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus – Split LP (b: hardcore punk, hhl: crust grind metal, both from croatia)
Eiltank – Stiller beobachter LP (metal crust from germany, colored one sided lp with picture on b-side)
Lout Society Kurse – Waiting for the apocalypse LP (from france)
Lycanthrophy – S/T LP (fastcore grind from czech rep.)
Shaid – S/T LP (fastcore crust from france)
Years of Decay / Sand Creek Massacre – Split LP
Dead Shall Rise / Conflict Maestria – Split 10" + cd (hardcore)
H System – Hostile 10" + cd (hardcore)
Machetazo – Necrocovered 10" (machetazo covering carnivore, master, corrupted, kreator, darkthrone, obituary, septic death with guests on vocals)
Chaos ZZZ – S/T ep
Power is Poison – If not us... who? If not now... when? Ep (anarcho punk like oi polloi)
Sotatila – Eepee ep (punk from finland)
Terror Defence – Break the barricades ep (d-beat)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Some news

Just wanted to let you know that Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus - Split LP's are here. You can get them in black and red with black splatter. These in color are limited and we only have a small amount, so be fast.
The tour with Homo Homini Lupus and Hijos del Pueblo went great. A big thanks to them for bringing me along.
Soon there will be some new distro items, so check the blog.