Thursday, September 9, 2010

Lycanthrophy news

From their myspace page:

finally....after 12 years of existence...debut full length album will be out on early october 2010!Recorded, mixed and mastered in Shaark studio, 20 tracks, art done by Jeff from Wasteiod. For fans of short, fast and loud style.

EU version of LP = first press of 666 copies, 500 black and 166 limited in color. Released in DIY conspiracy = INSANE SOCIETY (CZE), SUMOGGU (CRO), AMERTUME (FRA), I FEEL GOOD (FRA), CIRCUS OF THE MACABRE (UK), NOISE ATTACK (GRE), ZARAZA (POL) and GRIND BLOCK RECS. (ITALY).

Two tracks from the album have been posted.

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