Saturday, January 28, 2012

7" records

All records are 4 euros, unless otherwise stated.

A Bit of Brain Dead - S/T ep (Thrashbastard)
After the Last Sky / S.A.T.A.N. - Split ep (Rawby)
Agathocles - The Peel sessions 2xep (Jennifer Grind)  8€
Age of Woe - S/T ep (Addiction to War)
Bangsat / Dehumanized Earth - S/T ep (Rotten To The Core)
Black Hole of calcutta / Wojczech - Split ep (Fucking Kill)
Black Gust - Psychedelic maelstrom ep
Boiling Point - Thrash the railroads flexi ep (Totalitarianism Still Continues)
Breed - S/T ep (T.V.G.)
Buckshot Facelift - Demo ep (What The Fuck Happened to Tapes?)
Catholic Guilt - Futile attempts ep (Doomtown)
Contrasto / LeTormenta - La poesia e azione split ep (Iconoclast)
Control de Estado - S/T ep (IFB)
Corrosive / Bohrholm - Split ep (Fucking Kill)
Crippled Fox / Step On It - Tribute to Tony Soprano ep (Flipped Up)
Culto del Cargo - S/T ep (Self released)
Culto del Cargo - Nel nome dell'uomo la tecnica macina carne ep (Self released)
Divided Minds - Strangers ep (Doomtown)
Epileptic Terror Attack - The racket ep (Putrid Filth Conspiracy) 8€
F.U.G. - Sumus animalia ep (Ignorant Worm)
Get Destroyed - Burnt offerings ep (To Live A Lie)
Good Wife, The - S/T ep (SuperFi)
Haemophagus / Spiral - Split ep (Ignorant Worm)
Head Hits Concrete - S/T ep (Sounds Of Betrayal)
High Spirits - High Spirits/Wings of fire ep (High Roller) 7€
Holy Extermination / Burn The Cross - Split ep (Dementia 13)
Idiots Parade - R.I.P. 5"ep  (Totalitarianism Still Continues)
Injakmati / Black Sister - Split ep (Subwix)
Irritones, The / Rough Kids - Split ep (Crapoulet)
Jigsore Puzzle/Exit Wounds - Split ep (T.V.G.)
Knife in the Leg - No place for boys ep (Trujaca Fala)
Krupskaya - Symbiosis through decay ep (Ignore This Records)
Kursk / Damage Digital - Split ep (Fuck Yoga)
Last Warning / Fallout - Split ep (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Left In Ruins - Fertilizing the ground ep (Putrid Filth Conspiracy)
Link / Raised By Drunks - Split ep (Subwix)
Livia Sura / Hazarder - Seasons in glvvm seasons of dvvm ep (Neanderthal-Stench)
Love Channel - S/T ep (Fucking Kill)
Machetazo - Desolacion mental ep (Doomentia) 6€
Man In The Shadow - Pax americana ep (Choose Life) 3€
Minus Apes - S/T ep (Thrashbastard)
Negativ - Automatic thoughts ep (Doomtown) 5€
NK6 - Yellow beauty ep (Thrashbastard)
Noothgrush / Suppression - Split 5" (Fuck Yoga) 6€
Nulla Osta / Zaprti Oddelek - Split ep (Neanderthal-Stench)
Occvlta / Salute - Split ep  (Doomentia) 6€
Parlamentarisk Sodomi / Laserguys - Split ep (white vinyl ltd. to 150) (Grindblock) 5€
Protestant - Antagonist ep (Blindead Productions)
Ratsar Bai Naim - S/T ep (Emergence)
Real Ugly - Live suffer and struggle ep (Agromosh)
Rhythm Syndrom - Fatal error ep (Shogun)
Sabbat - The Mion's hill ep (The evil that M do)  7€
Say Why? / Bastardass - Split ep (Psychocontrol)
Seasick - Ennui ep (Refuse)
Seasick - Ennui tour ep (Refuse) 5€
SS20 / Fan Zui Xiang Fa - Split ep
Senata Fox / Brivido – Split ep (Sumoggu)
Senata Fox / Unison – Split ep (Good Samaritan)
Silent Era - S/T ep (Doomtown) 5€
Sonic Order - S/T ep (Doomtown) 5€
Sonic Poison - Combat grind ep (Me Saco Un Ojo) 7
Stockholms Blodbad / Vultures - Split ep (Up Yours)
Suckinim Baenaim / Achzavoth - Split ep (Urban Decay)
Terror Defence - Break the barricades ep (Blackout Brigade)
Tomorrow's Hell - S/T ep (Hardcore Attack)
Unlogistic / D.F.I. - Split ep (Crapoulet)
Usurpress - Tales of possessors ep (Doomentia) 6€
Vaccine - Dead inside ep (Painkiller)  5€
V.A. - Brutal Supremacy 2xep (Iron Lung, Mind Eraser, Hatred Surge, Scapegoat) (Painkiller) 10
V.A. - The Rot Box (Bizzare X, Corrosive, Yacopsae, To The Point, Crowskin, Schmand) (Fucking Kill) 15
Warhammer / Blackwhole - Split ep (High Roller) 10€
Yacopsae / Corrosive - Verfault Durchschauung split 6" ep (Fucking Kill) 7€

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