Thursday, April 22, 2010

Vile Noise review

Nova recenzija na webzine-u Vile Noise.
So, here's another review in English. It got 8/10 skulls!

This 7 inch is first (out of many more to come, I hope) release from Summogu Records, a small DIY record label from Croatia. What we have here is split release from two Croatians prime thrash hardcore punk bands: Senata Fox and Brivido.

Senata Fox are veterans on the scene with their 10 year long carrier and handful of releases. This is their latest release with some songs recorded in 2006. that never got published until now. Their fast and nervous punk is their trademark and a constant, with lyrics that question this whole society and also give their vision of what future should be like. Five tracks, seven minutes of explosive riffs and pissed off screaming. I personally like this raw production, but I feel like screaming vocals are little to quiet and low growls are too loud (and maybe I’m just deaf).

On the other hand Brivido is somewhat new band featuring members of disbanded powerviolence band Panaceja that enjoys cult status among the punks from ex-Yugoslavia countries. Unlike Panaceja, Brivido is playing “more ordinary” hardcore punk with some thrash influences. Lyrics are in Croatian about everyday life, struggle to survive in this unkindly world and friendship (or false friendship to be more precise). Although Brivido don’t have bass player and although there is no bass recorded, modern production and groovy songs make it unneeded. Blasphemy or not (in the eyes of the local punks), I prefer Brivido over Panaceja.

If you’re looking for some great punk, you cannot miss with this 7 inch.


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