Monday, March 15, 2010

Attack fanzine review

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New review from Attack fanzine:

"Two bands of which I really don’t know anything, except the fact that they both come from Croatia and that they both recorded these tracks a few years ago.

Senata Fox open with a drumbeat, followed by a catchy riff, and soon the rest of the band enter with full force and we’re off for a loud and violent trip. For good and bad there’s honestly not a whole lot more that can be added to describing this – as simple as it may sound, this is good fast hardcore with a raw touch and quite the manic vocal efforts.

Brivido aren’t holding back either, and they lay it on us in a rapid fury. It’s hard, fast, and loud and they mix heavy riffs and quick leads with frantic blasts. Perhaps not as diverse as it may seem, but still enough to make it interesting, and they’ve got a good production which gives room for all elements. I guess their sound could be described as quite dark, but then there are the guitars that are considerably sharper in sound, balancing it off.

I still don’t know much about the bands, but I’m glad this 7” landed here at the HQ." - Krogh

Or check the review here.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Novo za ožujak!

Dažd - S/T LP (in the lines of amebix, pentagram, gism, hellhammer)
Moss - Eternal return LP (doom, one song, one sided lp)
Jesus Crost - Fehlentscheidung LP (fastcore/grind, yellow or black vinyl)
Straight Edge Keggar - Hurt LP (fastcore)
V/A - Freak power LP + booklet(Burmese, Apt.213, Senata Fox, Hatred Surge, Iron Lung, Potop etc.)
Krupskaya - Symbiosis through decay ep (chaotic grindcore)
Bangsat / Dehumanized Earth - split ep (death/grind, crust)
Social Chaos - The end ep (crust/grind)