Tuesday, December 17, 2013

December update pt. 3

Catholic Spit - A pact with the devil LP (death punk, purple vinyl, comes with a booklet)
Hellisheaven - Abyss of war LP (death metal crust, in the vein of Bolt Thrower)
Iron Lamb - The original sin LP (punk'n'roll from Sweden, gatefold cover, splatter white/black vinyl, second pressing, limited to 150 copies)
Livet Som Insats - S/T LP (grindcore/crust, yellow or black vinyl)
Los Caidos - First two years LP (fast hardcore punk from Argentina, numbered copies, ltd. to 300)
Tuna - Dupla face LP (punk rock, gatefold cover)
The Wedge - Always hate you LP (hardcore punk)

Age of Woe - S/T ep (crust from Sweden)
The Irritones / Rough Kids - Split ep (punk rock, white/green splatter vinyl)
The Oath - Night child/Black Rainbow ep (doom/stoner/heavy, silver vinyl, second press ltd. to 300)

Sunday, December 8, 2013

December update pt. 2

Chainsaw To The Face - Agonizing pain and perpetual misery LP (grindcore/powerviolence, discography with 64 songs, from 2004-2009)
Death Toll 80k - Harsh realities LP (old school grindcore from Finland. Recommended!)
Geranium - S/T LP (dark crust punk from France)
Tjänstevapen - Dömd LP (Swedish crust punk. "They keep a perfect balance between the metallic aspects of bands like Martyrdöd and the punkish vibe of Totalitär!")
Visions Of War - King of swines LP (crust punk, new album)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

December update

Brink of despair - Rooted in dust LP  (crust from Germany)
Cloud Rat - Moksha LP (grindcore punk from USA)
Gadget - The funeral march LP (Swedish grindcore)
La Casa Fantom - Feed my silence LP (hardcore punk from Norway)
Vidargängr - S/T LP (black metal from Germany)

Agathocles - The Peel sessions 2x7" (mincecore from Belgium)