Thursday, January 26, 2012

12" records

All records are 10 euros, unless otherwise stated.

Acephalix - Deathless master LP (Agipunk) 12€
Afternoon Gentlemen, The - Pissedography LP (TVG)
Agathocles - The LP's: 1989-1991 LP (Power It Up)
Agathocles - Mincer LP (Power It Up)  11€
Anaeroba - Over the walls and borders LP (Mankind Disaster)
Analena - Inconstantinopolis LP (Moonlee)
Anihilated - Path to destruction 12" EP (Agipunk)
Antichrist - Sinful birth (I Hate) 15
Barbarian - S/T LP (Doomentia) 14€
Barbarian - Faith extinguisher LP (Doomentia)  14€
Bastinados / Bosonogo Djetinjstvo - Split LP (Neanderthal-Stench)  9€
Bernays Propaganda - Happiness machines LP (Moonlee)
Black Code - Hanged, drowned & quartered LP (Svoboda)
Blank - Calix LP (white vinyl) (Fucking Kill)
Blood I Bleed - High octane thrash LP (TVG)
Blood I Bleed - Gods out of monsters LP (Fast & Furious)
Bolesno Grinje - 13 LP (Sumoggu)
Bolesno Grinje - Chronicles from the tomb LP (Sumoggu)
Bolesno Grinje - Chronicles from the tomb LP (red vinyl) (Sumoggu)
Bolesno Grinje - Grd LP (Sumoggu)
Bolesno Grinje - Grd LP (white vinyl) (Sumoggu)
Bombs of Hades - Chambers of abomination LP (Blood Harvest) 14€
Boredom / Rivers Run Dry - Split LP (Panda Banda)
Brat Pack - Stupidity returns LP (Doomtown)
Brink of Despair - Rooted in dust LP (SM-Musik) 
Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus – Split LP (Sumoggu) 9€
Brivido / Homo Homini Lupus - Split LP (red/black splatter vinyl) (Sumoggu)
Brivido / Public Disgrace - Split LP (Sumoggu)
Brottskod 11 - Demokratisk kontroll LP (Phobia)
Bunker 66 - Inferno interceptors LP (High Roller)  14
Burmese / Potop - Split LP (Fuck Yoga)
Catholic Guilt / Inu - Degraded cobardes Split LP (Panda Banda)  9€
Catholic Spit - A pact with the devil LP (purple) (Crapoulet)
Chang Ffos - Trust this arcane device LP (Interstellar) 6€
Chainsaw To The Face - Agonizing pain and perpetual misery LP (Rødel)
Chronic Decay - Justify your existence LP (red vinyl) (Me Saco Un Ojo)  15
Civil Terror - Surrounded by assholes LP (Demonomania) 9€
Cloud Rat - Moksha LP (7 Degrees)
Cluster Bomb Unit - Die Stationen von Cluster Bomb Unit LP (Power It Up) 11€
Creeping Corrupt / Hellisheaven - Split LP (Zaraza)
Crippled Fox - More fun!! More thrash!! LP (Crapoulet)
Cruciamentum - Charnel passages LP (Me Saco Un Ojo)  15
Dead - Hardnaked but... Dead! LP (Apathic View) 12€
Deathbound - We deserve much worse LP (Power It Up)
Drugs of Faith - S/T LP (Fast & Furious)
Dystopia - S/T LP (Skuld) 12€
Eiltank - Stiller beobachter one sided LP (Fucking Kill)
Electrozombies - He visto LP (Neanderthal Stench)
Evil - XII-XX LP (Trujaca Fala)
Exanthema / Chronic Decay - Split LP (Me Saco Un Ojo)  15
Exodus - Bonded by blood LP (blue/red vinyl) (High Roller) 22
Exumer - Fire before possession LP (High Roller) 15
F.U.G. / Soviet Nuns - Split LP (Subwix)
The Fight -Maldicion LP (white vinyl) (NNNW)
G.A.T.E.S. - Back from the grave LP (HMSS) 15
Genital Jiggling - Golden rule LP (Emergence)
Geranium - S/T LP (Deviance)
Geranium - S/T LP (gatefold) (Deviance)
Giuda - Senza paura, senza domani LP (Agipunk)
Government Flu - Singles collection LP (NNNW)
Government Flu - Are you sorry now? (clear vinyl) (NNNW)
Haemorrhage - Goregrind is not a crime LP (ltd. to 100 copies, dark grey vinyl) (Power It Up) 14
Hashcut - Please do it yourself LP (Emergence)
Hazarder - Against his-story, against Leviathan! (PMK)
Hellborn Messiah / Post War depression - Split LP (Fucking Kill)
Hellisheaven - Abyss of war LP (Addiction to War)
Hellshock - Only the dead now the end of war LP (Agipunk) 11€
Hellshock - Only the dead now the end of war picture LP (Agipunk) 12€
Hellshock - They wait for you still LP (Agipunk) 11€
High Spirits - You are here LP (High Roller) 16
High Spirits - Another night LP (silver) (High Roller) 16
Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation - Split LP (Sumoggu) 9€
Homo Homini Lupus / Gelo - Split LP (Sumoggu)
Hooded Mehace - Labirynth of carrion breeze 12"EP (Doomentia) 13
Hooded Menace - Never cross the dead 2LP (Doomentia) 18€
Hooded Menace / Horse Latitudes - Split LP (2nd press) (Doomentia)
Iron Lamb - The original sin LP (white/black splatter) (High Roller) 12€
Iskra - Ruins LP (Neanderthal Stench)
Jesus Crost - Fehlentscheidung LP (yellow) (Filth-Ear)
Jigsore Puzzle / Hotel Fire - Split LP (TVG)
Keitzer - As the world burns LP (7 Degrees)
Keitzer - The last defense LP (7 Degrees)
Kroia / Inu - Split LP (Subwix)
Krush - S/T LP (Fast & Furious)
La Casa Fantom - Feed my silence 12" (SM-Musik)
La Piovra - One sided picture LP (Agipunk) 9€
Lahar / Stolen Lives - Split LP (Insane Society)
Lets Grow / Jaibo! - Split LP (Doomtown)
Life Possession / Gomora - Split LP (Aback) 9€
Livet Som Insats - S/T LP (Addiction to War)
Looking For An Answer - Eterno Treblinka LP (Power It Up) 11€
Los Caidos - First two years LP (Crapoulet)
Lout Society Kurse - Waiting for the apocalypse LP (Blackout Brigade)
Machetazo - Trono de huesos LP (Doomentia) 12€
Megatomb - Louder than a thousand deaths LP (Me Saco Un Ojo) 15
Merciless Death - Holocaust LP (High Roller)  16€
Miasmal - S/T LP (Agipunk)
Morkhimmel - Sheep in the labyrinth LP (Hardcore Attack)
Moss - Endless return LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Necrot - The labyrinth LP (Tankcrimes) 14€
Nesseria - S/T LP (Guranje s Litice)
Nightmare - Scatterraw LP (Putrid Filth)
Nulla Osta - Bastard music for bastard people LP (clear vinyl) (Neanderthal-Stench) 9€
Nulla Osta / Aggrenation - Split LP (Fucking Kill)  9€
Od Vratot Nadolu - Živa LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Parasytic - Poison minds LP (Agipunk)
Passiv Dodshjalp / Achilles - Split LP (Svoboda)
Phrenelith - Desolate endscape LP (Me Saco Un Ojo) 16
Possessed - Seven churches LP (High Roller) 22
Prophecy of Doom - Total mind war LP (Agipunk)
Radiolokator / Black Market Fetus - Split LP (Dead Bros)
Renegades Of Punk, The - Coração Metrônomo LP (Crapoulet)
Repugnant - Epitome of darkness (clear) (Soulseller) 16
Ripper - Raising the corpse LP (Iron Pegasus) 16
S.A.F. - Dead area paranoia LP (Fast & Furious)
Sabbat - Envenom LP (Iron Pegasus) 16€ 
Sabbat - Satanasword LP (iron Pegasus) 16
Sadistic Intent / Pentacle - Invocations of the death-ridden Split LP (Iron Pegasus) 16
Sandokhan / Krupskaya - Split LP (7 Degrees)
Senata Fox / AK47 - Split LP (DHP)
Sete Star Sept - Revisions of noise LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Simbiose -  Economical terrorism LP (Aback)
Skew Whiff - Taedium vitae LP (Trujaca Fala)
Slaughter - Nocturnal karnage LP (Agipunk)
Slaughter - Not dead yet LP (High Roller) 14€
Slump / Life Ends - Split LP (Fucking Kill)
Splitter - Avskrackande exemplar LP (Insane Society)
Squash Bowels - Grindcoholism LP (Apathic View) 12€
Straight Edge Keggar - Hurt LP (Rotten to the Core)
Tjänstevapen - Dömd LP (Rødel)
Toxic Revolution / Magnicide - Split LP (TVG)
Trigger / Run Time Error - Split LP (Fucking Kill)
Tummo - S/T LP (Dead Bros)
Tuna - Dupla face LP (Crapoulet)
Vastation / Mutabo - Split LP (Neanderthal Stench)
Udead Creep - The ever burning torch LP (Iconoclast)
Undergang - Misantropologi LP (Me Saco Un Ojo) 15
Unfixed - Battleside LP (one sided) (NNNW)
Unholy Grave - Blast mayhem LP (Grindblock)
Unholy Grave - Grind killers LP (Agipunk) 11€
Unison - Resignation speaks: I will be a corpse LP (Good Samaritan) 8€
Usurpress - Trenches of the netherworld LP(Iconoclast)
Various Artists - Freak power LP (one sided) (Fuck Yoga)
Various Artists - Making children songs a threat again LP (Guerilla Shooting)
Various Artists - Amebix Balkans LP (PMK)
Vidargangr - S/T LP (Black Nail)
Visions Of War - King of swines LP (Deviance)
Vitamin X - About to crack LP (Agipunk)
Vivisick - Recpect and hate LP (brown vinyl) (Insane Society)
Voetsek - Infernal command LP (Fast & Furious)
Wake - False LP (7 Degrees)
War Coma / Jesus Bruiser - Split LP (Subwix)
Warcollapse - Crap, scrap and unforgivable slaughter LP (Blindead)
Wedge, The - Always hate you LP (Crapoulet)
Wilt - S/T LP (Neanderthal Stench)
Wretched - Libero e salvaggio LP (Agipunk) 14€
XAXAXA - Tango revolucioner LP (Moonlee)
XAXAXA - Siromasni i bogati LP (Moonlee)
Years of Decay / Sand Creek Massacre - Split LP (Blackout Brigade)

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