Sunday, July 24, 2011

Play Fast Or Don't !

Only a couple of days more and Play Fast Or Don't Fest starts. This year Sumoggu Records will be there, and Senata Fox and Lycanthrophy will play among others. Be sure to check the whole line-up here. See you there!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

July update

OEF went great, as usual. Got some new records, but still waiting for a couple of trades. Also, there will be new records after Play Fast Or Don't. Here's the list:
Looking for an Answer - Eterno Treblinka LP (new record of 17 old school grindcore songs, including Fear of God cover)
Gadget / Phobia - Split LP (back in stock, 2x grindcore)
Keitzer - As the world burns ( german grind/metal)
Sandokhan / Krupskaya - Split LP (2x chaotic grindcore, clear vinyl)
Life Possession / Gomora - Split LP (2x czech crust, black/white splatter vinyl)
F.U.G. / Soviet Nuns - Split LP (hardcore punk)
XAXAXA - Tango revolucioner LP (post hardcore)
Step On It / Crippled Fox - Tribute to Tony Soprano ep (thrash hardcore, clear vinyl)
F.U.G. - Sumus Animalia ep (italian hardcore punk)

Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer news

Just few more days till Obscene Extreme Festival and besides tons of cool bands there will be some new grind/crust/thrash records for Sumoggu distro! Really looking forward to it. So, expect a new update after the fest.

Also, some new releases are being planned, just waiting for the final confirmation. So stay tuned and enjoy your summer!