Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Novo! New!

Crucial Section/ Thrashington D.C. - split ep (thrashcore from japan and france)
Thrashington D.C./ The Patrons- split ep (thrashcore and garage punkrock)
Melete - S/T ep (self released by the band, handmade covers)
Tommorow's Hell- S/T ep (crust)
D.F.C./ Stolen Lives - split ep (thrash crossover form Brazil and Czech)
Get Destroyed - Burnt offerings ep (last ep, fastcore power violence)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

More records

Ovog puta većinom grind...
This time it's mostly grind...

Wormrot - Abuse lp (grindcore)
Toxic Revolution / Magnicide - Split lp (t.r:fast hc grind / m: grindcore)
Bloody Phoenix / Black Hole of Calcutta - Split 10" (b.p.: old school grindcore like excruciating terror / bhoc: fastcore grind)
Black Hole of Calcutta / Wojczech - split ep (w: grind)
Corrosive / Bohrholm - split ep (german power violence from 1996!, handmade covers)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nove ploče

Civil Terror - Surrounded by assholes lp (thrash crossover hardcore punk)
Contrasto / LeTormenta - La poesia e azione split ep (fast hardcore)
Black September - The sermon of vengeance ep (black metal crust)
Michel Platinium - S/T ep (fastcore, silkscreen cover)
Suffering Mind / Wojtyla - Crucified by reality split ep (grindcore / grindcrust)
Injakmati / Black Sister - Rotten conspiracy split ep (grindpunk / thrash metal)
Link / Raised By Drunks - Split ep (dark epic crust / hcpunk)

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