Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July update

Blood I Bleed – High octane thrash LP (dutch fast thrash hardcore)
Consume – S/T LP (discography, crustcore ex-disrupt,state of fear..., usa)
Downfall Of Gaia – Epos LP (neo crust from germany)
Excruciating Terror – Expression of pain LP (first time on vinyl, old school grindcore, gatefold + poster, usa)
Gadget / Phobia – Split LP (grind core from sweden and usa, gatefold)
General Surgery – Left hand pathology LP (first album, swedish gore grind, gatefold)
Gride – Horizont udalosti LP (czech grind, yellow vinyl)
Hatred Surge – Deconstruct LP (grind/power violence, usa)
In Disgust / P.L.F. – Split LP (i.d.:grinding violence,plf:grind/thrash, usa)
Lahar / Stolen Lives – Split LP (2x czech fastcore thrash, both play infest covers)
Looking For An Answer – Extincion LP (spanish old school grindcore, gatefold)
Lycanthrophy / Malignant Tumour – Split EP (reissue L:fastcore grind, mt: rocking metal, czech)
Machetazo – Mundo cripta LP (last album, spanish gore grind/death metal, gatefold)
Splitter – Avskrackande exemplar LP (swedish grindcore, red vinyl)
Wormrot – Abuse LP (grindcore from Singapore, restock)

Monday, July 19, 2010

Short Fast & Loud review

"Nice! A cool little split 7" from two Croatian hardcore bands released on a Croatian label. I have to admit, as an ignorant American (sorry, I was hanging out with C), I don't know a whole lot about Croatia or the scene there, but if this record gives any inkling, I'd like to know more. Senata Fox cranks out some gnarly fast-core thrash, with only one song breaking the one-minute mark. It sort of reminds me of some later Hellnation stuff. Brivido also churn out some thrashy hardcore. This time the lyrics were in Croatian, but they provided some nice descriptions. Lyrics from both bands range from political to personal. Good stuff on here guys. Check them out." SF+L #23