Saturday, May 7, 2011

May update

Anihilated - Path to destruction 12" (thrash metal/punk from the uk, reissued after 25 years)
Deathraid - All life ends LP (crust core from the usa)
Doom - Lost the fight / Pro-life sessions LP (restock)
Extreme Noise Terror - Phonophobia LP (reissue)
Hellshock - Shadows of the afterworld LP (metal crust)
Instinct of Survival - North of nowhere... LP (stench core from germany)
Iskra - Bureval LP (anarcho black metal)
Nesseria - S/T LP (chaotic hardcore)
Parasytic - Hymn LP (thrash metal/crust)
Parasytic - Poison minds LP (new album)
Warhammer / Coffins - Death by metal split 10" (thrash/death/doom metal split)