Saturday, February 13, 2010

MRR review

Izašla je ok recenzija u Maximum Rocknrollu:
Review from Maximum Rocknroll:

"I guess this is BRIVIDO's first release. You'd never know it, as hese are some well written songs and they make most out of their two-guitar/dual-vocal setup. The sound is hard to pin down as they bounce from melodic hardcore to very heavy, nearly crust parts with a touch of blast-beating. Nice political lyrics in Croatian, with explanations in English as well. Apparently I have been missing out on SENATA FOX as they have several releases and this is the first I've heard from them. My first impression is that the main vocalist has a real Martin (LOS CRUDOS, LIMP WRIST, etc.) thing going on. The music is speedy hardcore that also occasionally recalls LOS CRUDOS. This is a solid split, and well worth picking up. Don't ignore it because of the bizarre artwork - the tunes are more than worth it." - MRR #321

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