Sunday, March 20, 2011

March update

Agathocles - Razor sharp daggers LP (mince core from belgium at its best)
Corrosive / Life Ends - Split 10" (c: black forest power violence, le: power violence grind, both from germany)
Creeping Corrupt / Hellisheaven - Split LP (cc: brutal death grind, h: metal crust, both from poland)
Deathbound - We deserve much worse LP (swedish grindcore)
Defecation - Puritiy dilution LP (classic old school death metal grind record with mick harris from n.death and mitch harris from r.pigs/n.death)
Evil - XII-XX LP (death metal punk in the vein of bolt thrower from poland)
Extreme Noise Terror - Law of retaliation LP
Infekcja - Przegrani... LP (scandi punk from poland)
Nightmare - Scatterraw LP (japanese hardcore punk)
Project Hopeless - Valkommen... LP (swedish hardcore punk)
Righteous Pigs - Live and learn LP (us grindcore/hardcore from 1987, reissue)
Rotten Sound - Consume to contaminate MLP (finnish grindcore)
Skew Whiff - Taedium vitae LP (metallic crust core from belgium, ex-hiatus)
Taste Of Fear - S/T (death metal/grind/crust mix, album from 1994)
Unholy Grave - Grind killers LP (japanese grindcore, recorded live in a Dutch studio in September 2008)
Knife in the Leg - No place for boys ep (polish hardcore punk)
SS20 / Fan Zui Xiang Fa - Split ep (hc thrash)