Wednesday, February 5, 2014

New releases in the works

As you see in the releases section, there are two new releases planned for this year. Both should be out before the summer. The first one is Homo Homini Lupus / Gelo - Split LP. After a great tour they did in 2012., it was a matter of time before they'd release something together. This time bands share a guitarist. Both bands have recorded their material, still waiting for the final mix. Here' the official statement from Homo Homini Lupus:

"We're preparing a new release! It's a split 12" again, this time with our friends GELO from Italy.
Both bands are now waiting for mixing/mastering to be done and we're looking for labels who wants to participate in this release! If there is a label who wants to be a part of this split contact us here.
More info soon!"

The second one will be a new Bolesno Grinje LP called "Kronike iz grobnice" (Chronicles from the tomb). The recordings are almost finished, the record will be ready for their performance at Obscene Extreme Fest this year. This will be their 6th full length release. Expect nothing but a full grindcore assault!