Saturday, May 2, 2015

May update

It's been a while since the last distro update. Here's some records for you:

Exodus - Bonded by blood LP (thrash classic! blue/red vinyl, ltd. to 300 copies)
Exumer - Fire before possession (The lost tapes) LP (demos for "Possessed by fire" album, blac vinyl ltd. to 200 copies)
High Spirits - You are here LP (2nd album of singalong heavy metal, black vinyl ltd. to 400 copies)
Possessed - Seven churches LP (death/thrash milestone, black vinyl, ltd. to 266 copies)

High Spirits - High Spirits / Wings of fire 7"ep
Iron Merda - Iron merda 7"ep
Sabbat - The Mion's hill 7"ep
Usura - En verga 7"ep
Yacopsae / Corrosive - Split 6"ep

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