Sunday, August 3, 2014

Back from Monte Paradiso with new records

Both records are officially out! Write if you want single copies, wholesale prices, or if you're interested in trade. Bolesno Grinje did a last minute gig on Monte Paradiso this Saturday, since two bands couldn't make it to the festival. It was total hell! Hopefully someone recorded a part of the atmosphere. One of the highlights was also Ponor from Zagreb, Croatia. Old friends in a new band. Here's their page: Ponor

SMOG7 - Homo Homini Lupus / Gelo - Split LP
HHL are back on Sumoggu Records for the third time. More grinding than before but still with their recognizable mix of hardcore/punk metal. Gelo are from Italy and play crust/hc with brutal vocals. Both bands are great friends and after their last European tour it was a matter of time before they would release a split record.

SMOG8 - Bolesno Grinje - Chronicles from the tomb LP
As I said before, definitely the most productive grindcore band from Croatia. Already their 7th full length and second one on Sumoggu. Long time veterans of Pula hardcore/punk/grind scene once again proving they're at the top of their game. This timewith a great cover artwork by Luis Sendon and mastering done at Audiosiege.

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