Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Brivido's final show

While we're still waiting for the record to go to the pressing plant (any day now), Brivido is playing their final show. It will be at the skate park Pumpa in Postojna, Slovenia. The concert will be held on this weekend, Brivido is playing on Saturday. Here's the full line-up: Friday - Tada, Sergej, Black Other, Rosfraj, Krik Diznilenda, Joko Ono, Acrid Sunday, Kripl; Saturday - Growing Rats, Svinjske Tacke, Iamdisease, Final Approach, Srcki, Brivido, Golliwog. Be sure to come by and support those great guys at Pumpa. If you want to know something more about Pumpa DIY skate park, follow this link Boldrider.

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