Sunday, April 7, 2013

April update

Bolesno Grinje / Sodn' Dan - Split LP (BG: first recording ever, grinding crust; SD: crusty hardcore)
Vaccine - Dead inside 7" (Vaccine return with their newest 10-song 7" of razor sharp hardcore. A relentless assault of blast beats, buzzsaw guitar and politically-charged misanthropic lyrics. Undoubtedly their most aggressive release to date.)
V.A. - Brutal supremacy 2x7" (Iron Lung interpret Brutal Supremacy in the form of a 3-part epic recorded at the Paincave in 2009. Mind Eraser deliver 4 songs that push the style of their last 7" even further. Hatred Surge bring 3 tracks that showcase the latest mutation of the band with Alex now sharing vocal duties with Rahi of Insect Warfare. Scapegoat offer 7 over-before-they-start songs recorded between their debut 7" and their new lp. All songs are previously unreleased. Packaged in a 6 panel fold out poster.)

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