Thursday, February 14, 2013

SMOG5 announcement

It's offical! SMOG5 will be Bolesno Grinje "13" LP. You can read what the band has to say about it:


For their 13th anniversary Bolesno Grinje is preparing a 12"LP which will contain freshly recorded best 18 songs from their discography. The LP should be out sometime in April or May.
For now there are 4 labels involved: Obscene Productions, Fucking Kill Records, Sumoggu Records, Blackout Brigade...and we're still missing some money, so if some label wants to be a part of this release contact Bolesno Grinje on this email: bolesnogrinje[at]

Check out the video announcement for the LP:

Here you can hear "Noz u ledja" from upcoming LP:

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