Saturday, April 7, 2012

April update

Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation - Split LP's are here and also some other records.

Bludwulf / Tiger Junkies / Children of Technology – Break the chains 3way split LP (3x metal punk from usa, usa/japan and italy, picture lp)
Doom – Doomed again 2LP (27 songs from various eps, splits and compilations)

Dystopia – S/T LP (final Dystopia recording)

Hellbastard – Ripper crust LP (restock, demo from 1986)

Homo Homini Lupus / Aggrenation – Split LP (metallic hc/grind from Croatia; metallic d-beat from Sweden)

Nulla Osta / Aggrenation – Split LP (restock)

Prophecy of Doom – Total mind war LP (unreleased Peel sessions from 1991 and Ego-deathgrind demo from 1996, gatefold)

Ripcord – Discography part III: From demo slaves to audiowaves LP (Peel sessions from 1988, demos from 1986, last part of the ripcord reissues)

Saw Throat – Indestroy LP (originally released in 1989, sore throat going slow)

Slump / Life Ends – Split LP (grinding fastcore from Germany)

Undead Creep – The ever burning torch LP (old school Swedish death metal from Italy, gatefold)

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