Friday, August 12, 2011

August update #2

Acephalix - Interminable night LP (crust/death metal from the usa, containing two demos: Flesh torn in twilight and Interminable night)
Besthoven - Dis means war LP (latest lp from Brazilian d-beat legend)
Hellshock - Singles collection 2LP (collection of splits and ep's)
Phobia / Extinction of Mankind - Fearing the dissolve of humanity LP (restock, grind/crust split lp)
Slaughter - Nocturnal Karnage LP (restock, cult death thrash metal from Canada)
Ljubiša Samardžić / Chihas Beno - Split 10" (metal/hardcore/punk meets power violence hardcore)
Love Channel - S/T ep (Boston hardcore from Germany)

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